Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Homemaker In My Heart

It's really  no surprise to me that  I am a homemaker. But if you knew me when I was growing up, you would never have pegged me as one. Looking back, I didn't know at the time either that was actually my calling.
I was a mess as a kid and even into my 20's. But when I look back I see all the signs of a homemaker in progress.
For example, I was a horrible student in every grade. I failed so many classes over the years. But the classes I didn't fail, and even excelled in, were Home Ec and cooking classes. PE too which is odd because I am no where near being athletic.
In Home Ec I successfully raised egg babies and learned how to care for children and the home. In my cooking classes, which I took all 4 years of highschool, I found my favorite thing to do was copy recipes onto recipe cards.
Fast forward to present day and you will see I am doing exactly those things. I am not doing math or science. I am homemaking and raising kids. I am also collecting old cookbooks and have a stash of old recipe boxes.
I held many jobs before becoming a mother including being a hairdresser and an EMT. I am neither of those things professionally anymore but I am an amateur. Learning those skills after highschool apply to my life now. I cut my entire family's hair, and doctor their wounds.
From the time I was a little girl, all the way until the time I became a mother, I longed to be with women who were homemakers. I idolized them. I never knew why.
Now I do!


  1. Oh dear Lord the more I get to know you I swear the MORE we are so much alike. I was in Nursing my whole life and NEVER did good in School or did I ever think I would be "Suzy Homemaker" its so funny how life changes, I believe being a mother and wife is my calling. I know you are an awesome mommy and wife, great blog!! I too idolize homemakers, I love to get ideas and learn from all the different ones. Thats one of the things I love about Facebook and blogging....

  2. It's so wonderful when you are able to enjoy what you do! I loved being a mom and the years I was able to be a full time homemaker. Life didn't allow me to be a homemaker the whole time my children were in school, but I cherished the few years I was able to do that. My children are all grown now and have children of their own. I miss being a full time Momma. I mean I'll always be Momma, but it's not the same after all your babies move out. LOL

  3. See, we were MEANT to be friends! Although I am not a homemaker, I totally get the cookbook/recipe thing! I love to cook! I love to throw parties! I love the presentation! Love it! Love it! Wish you weren't so far away, Amy!

  4. A this is awesome! I am so glad you found this place to do your blogs. And I will say from knowing you when we were younger that I had no idea you would enjoy this role as much as you do. You are a great mother, role-model and wife. Enjoy it as long as it lasts!

    Old friend VPierce


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