Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Although divorce created chaos and sadness in my childhood, there are still good memories that come to mind.

My parents lived an hour apart from each other and I only saw my Dad every two weeks.  Of course I loved my Mom but when you only see one parent four days per month, like my Dad and me, you cherish your time together.

The ride home from my Dad's house after a short visit was dark and lonely for me, even in the daylight.  I would sit quietly in the car and dread saying goodbye.

But the trips TO his house for my bi-weekly visit, well that is a whole other story. I was joyful!

My favorite game to play in the car as  a little girl was Redbud. It's a simple game he taught my brother and me to play during spring. Such a small little thing to do, but it meant the world to me.

All you do is spot a tree with bright red or pink blooms and yell "Redbud!"

I love the springtime now and when I'm riding in the car with my kids I remember the feeling I had riding in the car with my dad, playing Redbud.

Sometimes the simplest memories bring you the most joy.


  1. My parents were divorced when I was a child also, it is very hard on children, but I think I cherish my marriage more because of it

  2. Although sad with your parents splitting up, you have some great memories there, which I'm sure you will cherish forever.

    The Redbud game is great it's being past down to your children,and I bet you still play it as well, and why not!

    I think it's great you are holding on to a very special memory, I liken it to a gift that you will never lose!

    Happy Playing!

    Jilly <3

  3. I am playing red bud next time we are in the car with the kiddies <3


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