Thursday, March 22, 2012

Born Just In The Nick Of Time

Once upon a time there was a little girl  born in the 70's. She grew up in the 80's. Became an adult in the 90's. Then turned into a wife and mother in the 2000's. Yes, hello, it's me!
I often hear people say they wish they had been born in a different era. Not me! I think I got the prime year of birth. The changes I have been able to witness are down right exciting!
At a young age, I got to experience the very first day ever of MTV. I remember waking up one morning, going out to the living room where my big brother was and turning on the tv. While flipping through channels, there it was. A music video was playing.  We had no idea what we were looking at but  our eyes were glued to the tv set and for good reason, we were experiencing history being made. Whether you think it's important or not, it was to us!
Fast forward to the 1990's when I first experienced the internet. I didn't understand it! I was baffled by the internet "chat rooms". I went to visit my friend at college one weekend. I went into the dorm room and one of my friends was on the computer "chatting" with someone. I couldn't wrap my mind around it! I just kept asking how she was doing this? Who are you talking to? Do you know them? If you don't know them, WHY are you talking to them? I was so confused! It took me so long to embrace the internet but I am finally there.
So you see, from the music, movies, pop culture, fashion, hairstyles, technology I have such a variety of memories spanning from then to now. I am lucky to have been born in the 70's!


  1. Amy I was born in 1970. I know you are jealous. Being born in the first year of that decade was amazing to me also. They were fun as a child and of course MTV was the best!

  2. LOL! Yes you definitely got to experience some cool stuff that I did not! Mtv was soooo good back then I miss it! Thanks for leaving a comment V!!!


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