Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Music Moment

Blame it all on my roots, I showed up in....Dr. Martens! BUT that did not stop me from loving country music. Yes I love rock and roll but the truth is I just love good music. If it's good, I'll listen.

This fabulous day of April 12, one major player in  my memory bank made a self titled debut album (in 1989). That memory maker, is Garth Brooks.

I remember the first time I ever heard "Friends in low Places". There are not many songs that I can place the exact moment I heard them for the first time, but this one, I can.

I was with a group of my friends. We were at someones house, sort of on a farm. Just out in the country and we were riding 4 wheelers. The music was coming from a truck and it was loud.

The song came on and we all listened. I don't know if any of them had heard it before or not but it seems to me that the DJ introduced Garth and this brand new song....Could it be that I happened to hear it the VERY first time it was EVER aired?! That I will never know.

But I do know the feeling the song gave me. We all got very quiet and listened to the song and we were slightly jamming, just a little. You know, nodding our heads, feeling the music.

It was just a really sunny day and this new song was making me feel incredibly  happy, elated, joyful!

By the end of the song I was just like Joey on the tv show Blossom.... WHOA!!!

I was sure to rush out and buy the cassette tape and almost every other cassette tape he released after that album.

Somewhere around 1995 ish, I finally got to see Garth in concert and it was the best show I have ever seen.

I am a rocker for sure but there are some country artists that also have my heart, Garth is #1 on that list.

I don't know what it is about music but it is one thing that can take you back to a single moment in time. You remember the smells, the scenery, the feelings, emotions. It's like your right there again!

Thanks for the memories Garth, they mean more than you know!


  1. Oh MM we are separated from birth I am convinced!! I love all music too, if its good I will wear Doc Martins and get my jam on to Garth, Alabama or Kiss! It don't matter! Yes, music will take you back to that time and place like nothing else can. I just love Garth and my hubby does too, he has every tape/cd.....Thanks for sharing your Marvelous Memory with us <3

  2. How about jammin out to Garth at Kathy Giglio's house.

  3. I totally feel ya, girl. I bet we would have been great friends in high school. How many eye were your Docs? ; )

  4. I will never forget watching Garth on TV at the HUGE Ireland concert with my sister and her boyfriend. So awesome! Love him to this day!

  5. Garth's voice always seemed to get straight to my soul. My favorite song will always be the Dance. For me it is about what never was with my father may he rest in peace. And friends in low places well that always came up at all the parties and get togethers. I haven't gone this far back in time for a while thanks for taking me there girl.


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