Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Hubba Bubba Bubble Blowing Contest

At age ten or eleven,  I was in a Hubba Bubba Bubble Blowing contest at our local mall. My stepmom took me to this rather interesting experience.

I was incredibly excited to be there and felt very important for some reason. A really big deal, in my own mind.

As I was anxiously standing in the line, my heart was pounding fast. I was downright nervous. They began to pass out one piece of gum to each contestant. I remember the sweet smell as I unwrapped it. 
Once unwrapped, it had a textured, powdery coating on it. I popped it into my mouth and began to chew. I was on my way to winning this contest!

There were at least ten kids in front of me which gave me an edge and plenty of time to practice blowing bubbles. As I practiced, my nerves began to calm because I was blowing some impressive bubbles.

I kept practicing and watching the people in front of me as they took their turn. I was not only calm, I was getting a little cocky, too and asked for a second piece of gum to add to my first.

They complied, but as soon as I put it in my mouth, I knew I had made a mistake. My bubbles were no longer easy and big. They were thick and small!

My nerves started to get the best of me again and finally, it was my turn. With my sweaty palms, I stepped up onto the small stage.

You had to blow a bubble for the judge who had a circular type of ruler that was in the shape of a C and would expand smaller or larger.

I did it. I blew a bubble!

A tiny, thick, non winning bubble. POP it was over just like that!

No, I was not a bubble blowing winner that day. But I did not leave upset. I left learning that less is more and that if I ever had the chance to be in another Hubba Bubba Bubble Blowing contest, I would only chew one piece of gum!

I've not yet had the opportunity to claim that award but that's alright by me because this was a marvelous little experience in my youth that created a cherished memory.

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