Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Give me back my glass bottles!! Please.

Not so long ago, we drank soda from glass  bottles. Then we recycled them....and it was fun!

I'm not talking about way back in the "olden days" either. It was as recent as the 80's.

When I was a kid, we had a designated space in the kitchen (or on the steps from the kitchen leading to the basement) for six-packs of glass bottles.

They were in cardboard covers and after you drank one, you simply put it back in it's cozy little case.

Once you got a good stack going you would load up the back of the car and take them to a local grocery store to exchange them for money.  You didn't just take them to a recycling plant, dump them and leave. You actually got some money back.

My stepmom loved Pepsi in the bottle. One of my favorite memories of her was when I would help her load the car with the bottles and we would go to our local mom and pop grocery store called Town & Country.

The front of the store were slightly tinted windows. The storefront sign with the logo on it had some dark brown wooden shingles.

You entered to a warped floor with patterned tiles, like the ones you had in school. (I still love those tiles). The aisles in the store were filled with food, drinks and an assortment of candy.

We would carry in our bottles and  take them to the cashier. There was no motorized belt or electronic cash register. You had to scoot your groceries and goods to the cashier and she had to manually type in each price. She would count each bottle and then give us money back for them.

I was always allowed to buy a candy bar with some of our winnings and this store had a variety like no other.

We would then drive home and go about our day. Chores, playing, cooking, baking, etc. It wasn't that hard to do. I don't understand why things are not still done that way.

Back then, if you wanted the treat of soda, you put in a little effort and didn't destroy the planet with plastic while doing so. You put in just a little work and not only helped preserve the environment, but also got a little money back.

I see recycling plants today and they are good, but they certainly do not minimize me love for glass, even if it is based on nostalgia.

I wish glass would make a comeback. I miss working for my privileges. I don't feel I'm entitled to drink soda from plastic and then just throw it into a pile in the earth, yet I am guilty of doing so.

I miss glass bottles and all they represent to me. I miss those simple moments with my stepmom.


  1. Glass is a fantastic thing. Why not? I miss it, too. So E-Z and something to look forward to. Looks better, tastes better, feels better ... don't get me going.

  2. Oh I'll get you going!!! Hahaha :):) I say glass glass, everywhere!


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