Saturday, July 7, 2012

I met a celebrity at Worlds of Fun! Well almost.

Worlds of Fun. It is one of the biggest and best memories of my youth. A theme park that has been in my memory since as far back as I can recall.

In elementary I remember going with my family. When I lived with my mom in Kansas, we would occasionally drive to KC, Mo to stay with family. And sometimes during those visits, we would go to Worlds of Fun!

The night before, my cousins and I could barely sleep! The anticipation of the next day's events were almost unbearable. Finally, the sun would come up and we would load into the station wagon. I loved sitting in the very far back with no seat belts, of course.

Once you saw the giant, colorful water tower, you knew the fun was about to begin! And it did. All day of fun at an amusement park. I saw several concerts there with the likes of The Charlie Daniels Band and one of my favorites, Juice Newton.  I have a few photos of myself on rides and I cherish them.

Fast forward to middle school. I was now living in KC with my dad. I had a season passport every summer to World's of Fun and I used the heck out of it. Went ALL the time! My friends and I would stay all day  until the park closed. At one point they opened up kind of a party tent. It was incredible. It was called Exit 54 (I had not yet learned about the infamous STUDIO 54) It opened in the evening and had the loudest 80's music you ever heard. You just danced your 80's hair flat until the park closed.

One time in eighth grade, word had spread that a celebrity would be at Worlds of Fun. Now, this was not uncommon as there were many concerts there. But this was different. There would be a celebrity using the park. Just walking around like a normal person! That celebrity was Jason Batemen.

I don't recall everything he was doing in the 80's acting wise, but I did know his sister was on Family Ties and I knew who he was without a doubt. A total fox.

So I went that day. I looked at every turn to catch a glimpse. I knew if he met me he'd want to marry me. I just knew it.

Word was out that he was on the Orient Express roller coaster, my favorite ride. So my friends and I go and wait at the exit for him. Suddenly people start stirring, I can tell he will be in front of me soon. I see him coming off the ride. Closer, closer.....and gone. Passed right before me. We didn't even make eye contact.

Well that was that. I literally went on with the rest of my day, went on with my summer. Went on with my life.

Since then I have looked at celebrities in a different way. You feel like you know them because they are in your life so much. Sometimes every day. But, we are not in theirs. I know now they are just working stiffs like the rest of us. They just happen to make big bucks, which is fine by me, I am very happy living the simple life.

That doesn't change the fact that pop culture is a huge part of my life. Music and movies have been my constant companions since I was very young.

Entertainers are valuable to me. I want to know everything about them. Who they are married to, what they eat, what is their favorite color. But unlike the  paparazzi,  I only want to know what they want me to know.

Despite popular opinion, their lives are not (or should not be) on display. Their WORK is what is public and what is on display.

P.S.  I am a huge Jason Bateman fan :)


  1. LOVE IT!! I love him too. I met Robin Williams at Kings Dominion and he was dressed as Mork, we got his autograph me and my bros and my dad still has them Nanu Nanu!!

    1. Shazbot!!!! I love Robin Williams too. I love many celebrities but I know they don't love me LOL But there is no doubt they have a huge place in my life, you know. I love movies and music. Thanks for commenting Retro <3 ya!

  2. I LOVED WOF!! I lived in KCK between 1985 and 1987 - I went to school at the University of Kansas Medical School at 39th and Rainbow Blvd in KCK! :) I was a single mom and worked full time while I went to school full time - but once in a while I would save enough to take Top Girl and I for a day of funfilled pure joy at Worlds of Fun. I don't live all that far from it now, and I have often wondered if it is still there - Top Girl was 4-6 and WOF was a marvelous place to her in those days. Thanks for the memory!

    1. Thank you for the comment!! I love finding other people who remember WOF back in the day LOL Great memories I love hearing about your life also :)


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