Saturday, July 21, 2012

The Good 'Ol Days?

When I see the chaos in the world around me, I am not surprised. Most of the time I feel alone in my way of thinking but I am starting to accept it. I cannot live my life engaged in battles of words with people who's ears are completely closed.

What I will do, today, right now, this very second is own my part. I know the state of the world today, I am partly to blame.

When I look back at my life I realize there were things that were just too hard to think about, too hard to deal with. So I pushed them under a theoretical rug. Today I am lifting that rug and shaking it out!

I am making a promise to myself to focus more on the causes that are dear to my heart. The world around me would like it if I argued about the things they care about. But the truth is, what they care about, I don't. The reason I don't care is because I have answers for these problems but they are falling on closed minds, closed ears, and closed hearts. It's not the problems I don't care about, it's the people enabling the problems.

When I hear people say they miss the "good 'ol days", I cringe. Why? Because those days were not so good for millions of people. Those days harbored false fronts of happiness, and also complete loss of freedom for others.

You might be surprised to hear that I have always felt this way considering my love for the past.

Yes, I love certain things about the past, yes I never want to forget any of it, even the bad...ESPECIALLY the bad.

I do not want to live in the past. I only want to learn from it. Bring to my future, the good things and be reminded of the bad things, what not to do. I love the way I feel when I think about the good things in my childhood. I cherish my memories.

So I will continue my love of the past but make no mistake, I do not long to go backwards. I long to move forward but hopefully being better than the past.

I have slowly opened my mind which taught me that I do not have all the answers and I need to listen. I need to learn.  I will be firm in my beliefs, I will stand my ground, but I will also hear you out.

I wish I could say the future looks bright. But honestly, I feel with the work as a human that I need to do to help others, looks hard. It looks scary. It looks like a lot of work.

But to me it's important because as hard as it is for me to even think about it, imagine the people actually living it, the people who need help.

Reviewing this I am finding, it reads a little dismal, yet inside, I am kind of jumping with joy at my new found burst of energy to try and help others in need.

The decision I have made to no longer waste my time, energy, words, and thoughts with people who do not hear me, feels exhilarating!

I wish you all a wonderful day ahead and maybe a new lease on life!


  1. I to think that because I am "Retro Wifey" I will be thought of as someone who wants the "Good Ol Day" but like you I long for a happy and bright future. MANY things of the past were NOTHING to go back too. Too many to even list but we can all name a handful off the top of our hands. Moving forward is my goal too, with a happy and bright future and like the saying by Helen Keller says "I am only one; but still I am one. I cannot do everything but I can do something. I will not refuse to do the something that I can do". Thats all we can do, its a start and its a good start if we ALL agree to do something good and positive with the future. I just love you to pieces <3

  2. I madly love Helen Keller and you could not have chosen better words right now! See I look at you, your name, your photos, your page and I know exactly what you love about retro, the past, etc. I know your heart, I know your goal is to share the good things of the past! I mean if we try to erase the past, we would never learn anything. Nothing would ever get better. I value the past so much and I value the people who understand me, like YOU!!! So much love and respect to you Retro Wifey! Love the name, love the look, love the whole idea of your page!

  3. Awe thanks honey bunches!!! The past is a great thing to reflect on, learn and make a better future from. We owe that to our kids. They are who I worry most about. What will their future be if our society continues the path its on? Its frightening!!


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