Monday, October 29, 2012

Happy Haunted Housing!

My first Haunted House experience was bone a good way! I think the feeling of fear and first time type flutters were better than the haunted house itself. I can remember exactly how I felt.

I was around 10 or 11, somewhere around 4th or 5th grade I suppose. I had been wanting to go to a haunted house for a while so my Dad took my friend Tami and me. It was in downtown Kansas City, Mo and was called......
The Edge of Hell.

I remember standing in line outside that evening. It was crisp fall weather which has always given me a feeling of being anxious. A happy anxious though.  When you have  that feeling of wanting to laugh  from your stomach, yet nothing is funny.  Some type of exhilaration occurs alongside anticipation. For me anyway. Standing in line, the fear and excitement grew the closer we got to the entrance. But there were sights to be seen outside too.  The haunted house employees were also outside getting people pumped up. Some in costumes, carrying rats even.

So we get to the entrance. You step in and it's like a haunted mansion, all cobwebby, walls painted black and everything is dimly lit. The cashier is in a gothic looking costume.  Next you find yourself going up a flight of stairs. Everything is still painted black and there is now black-lights leading the way. Almost a chalky substance swirling around the chilling air with organ music. Toccata and Fugue in D minor by Bach to be precise!

Once up the stairs, the haunting begins! Scary things happen for what seems like forever. Some places are so dark that you can't even see your hand in front of your face. This was the funnest thing I'd ever done!! (I was a bit of a freakazoid as a kid)

Finally you reach light. You start to see white, everywhere and you realize it's suppose to be Heaven. It's a peaceful moment in this house of horrors but it doesn't last long! Next thing you know you find yourself at the top of a slide.

Wait, what?! Yes a slide. You don't realize it but you have just climbed the entire height of this enormous old building that is several stories high!  I tell you, I was manic at this point, the slide scared me worse than anything so far. But I did it. I got on it and woooosh! Down I went, spiraling what felt like straight down and it is pitch black! Finally I saw some light and felt relief. Phew, I thought, that was rough! Oh but alas, it was not over yet....Standing at the bottom waiting for you, taunting you is the red man carrying a pitchfork. When I reached the end of the slide, I was there on the floor, frozen with terror of this maniac yelling at me to GET OUT!!! He was prodding me with his pitchfork but I couldn't move....He finally showed mercy and helped me up and then continued yelling at me to leave!

WOW, it was over.

I made my way into the waiting area where I met up with my friend and my Dad. At first I think I might have been speechless. But did this madhouse scare me away? Nope. I think I looked at my Dad and said.... "Let's go again!"

Of course it's not like a roller coaster,  you don't just go back in line to do it again. No, you savor every memory of the experience. You smile ear to ear and talk about it the whole car ride home. Then you can't wait for next Halloween so you can go get the wits scared out of you all over again.  All in the name of FUN!

I wish you could see how big I am smiling right this second at just the thought of my very first Haunted House experience :)


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