Friday, October 12, 2012

They Meet

When I graduated highschool, college was not in my future. My Dad never pushed me to go to college and that is a good thing. He did, however, always tell me "You don't have to go to college, but you have to do something!" And something is just what I did. I went straight from highschool into cosmetology school.

I loved being a hairdresser! It fit my lifestyle perfectly. I was the wild hairdressing, party animal.
But I was also stuck in a bad relationship.

I am not putting him down, I was there too after all. I just mean, we were not meant to be so, of course, we did not fit well together. But when you are young, you don't realize how much better the future can be. So I stayed and we tolerated each other's bad behavior for a few years. Looking back, it seems like such a waste of time. But I know now that God has perfect timing. I was there for a reason, whether I knew it or not.

By the time I turned 21, my head was spinning from this relationship. I'm sure his was too as I was no prize. But I was also feeling strong and I was growing up. I didn't know how to walk away from him, so I didn't walk away from him.... I MOVED away from him. Seems drastic but that is what I needed. It turned out, it wasn't him I was running from, it was my husband that I was running to! I did not know it yet, but every step I took was leading me to my one true love.

Back to the story....

So I did it. I packed up all my things, said some tearful, yet excited goodbyes to my family and I was  out of there. Never looked back. (Except once and it led me to my husband!) It was only an hour away but that was all I needed to start my new life.  I stayed with my Stepsister's family for a few months. We are no longer Stepsisters, our parent's marriage did not last and I don't even speak to her anymore. Yet she is a key player in my success story! She encouraged me to move in with her to get out on my own.

While there, I quit doing hair and started working in a cup factory, of all places. I went from having a FUN hairdressing job, to working 12 hour shifts at night, in a factory.  And I was happy to do it. This new freedom was amazing to me!

After a few months, I got my own apartment and met a guy at my work who would become my boyfriend for about a year. His mother happened to work in a town 20 minutes  away as a medical records director in a hospital. I quit working at the factory and she hired me in the medical records department. Well guess what? Her son and I broke up! But for some reason, it wasn't so bad and I continued to work for her and we are still friends, even now.

Next thing I know I have a friend who works upstairs in the ER who is also an EMT. She says to me "Hey did you see the flyer? EMT class is starting soon at the fire department".... I said, uh  no, I'm not smart enough, I could never be an EMT. The thought never even crossed my mind!
Well, guess who started EMT school a few short months later? Yep, me. And guess who had a BLAST in EMT school? Me. Guess who did really, really well in EMT school? Again...Me.

So here I am out on my own, away from the town that was dragging me down. I'm in EMT school now, living in a college/air force town. Making new, lifelong friends, left and right. Partying my butt off, having a blast!

I became an EMT, began working on an ambulance while still working full time at my medical records job. Life was so good!

A few years passed. I'm sitting on the front porch of my townhouse with my roomates drinking a 40 and smoking a cig. Out of nowhere...and I mean NOWHERE...I say "I'm moving back to KC."
They were stunned and frankly, so was I. I had no idea why. None. I only knew, it was time. Time for me to go back. Why?? I would soon find out!

So less than 2 months later, I'm back in my hometown. Got a job, working nights in an ER. Living in my own apartment that had a pool and was just awesome! Yes, I was back in the town that held many good memories but many, many bad ones too. But something was different. I was different. I was stronger. I could face the ones who hurt me and the ones who I hurt. I was not the same person and never would be again.

So I moved back in January of 2000. And who would I meet in July of 2000? My husband.  The odds of this are so very slim, you realize.  You have no idea how close we could have just walked right by each other and never spoke. But the stars lined up in my life and his. It was very unlikely because, I was back living in this town after being gone several years. He was only there working on a job. He was from a completely different state!

I became very close friends with a girl in the ER. We went out to see a band at a bar that I barely ever went to.  The band was called Blue October. They have had several hits now, but back then, not so much.  I see my now husband standing across the room. I watched him for a few HOURS! We only had about a 5 minute conversation that night. I gave him my phone  number and he could have lost it, but he didn't.  We could have just walked right by each other and never looked back. But we didn't.

From that 5 minute conversation came a life of love, laughter and peace. I am amazed every day by our story.
So you see, every heartache along the way. Every bad decision, every good decision. Every person who was in my life, but no longer is was there for a purpose. It  was all pointing me exactly where I needed to go!

I did not find him. He did not find me.
God lined up our paths and I am so glad I followed that path.


  1. Awe I love it.......I love a good Love Story. I wish you many many more years...

  2. That is so sweet...Im so happy for you that you got a great education and a career and the nerve to move on...You are an inspiration to young women for sure...I am 48 now and wish I had have had the nerve and smarts that you had to go and make something of yourself...Congratulations and continue on this wonderful path you have created for yourself...And your hubby...

  3. Pam I can't thank you enough for your comment! It is very thoughtful of you to say such nice things. I really appreciate it!


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