Monday, December 10, 2012

My Christmas Story Experience!

Do you recall the first time you watched "A Christmas Story"? .............I sure do.

The precise year escapes me. It was either 1988 or 1989 when I was about fourteen years old and very close to Christmas (possibly Christmas Eve).

I fell asleep on the couch early in the evening. When I awoke, everyone else was already in bed for the night. I turned on the tv and zipped the clicker back and forth searching for something to watch.

Something caught my eye. A very interesting sight on cable tv. It looked Christmasy to me, so I settled on it.

I quickly realized, this movie was amazing. What on earth was I watching? Where did it come from? Why had I never seen it before? This boy they call "Ralphie" looks just like my dad when he was a kid. My mind was completely mesmerized.  My eyes were glued to the tv and I was filled with an overwhelming happiness.

When the end credits began to roll,  I felt an enormous let down. Not because the movie was bad, but because I didn't want it to end. I wanted to know more about this family. I needed more!

 A few minutes passed when my ears heard the sound of cheerful music. I looked at the screen and there it was again, in all it's glory! I didn't know why, or how and I didn't care.

What did I do next? I went into the kitchen, heated up four chocolate Pop-Tarts and poured myself a big glass of milk. I sat right back down on my cozy couch, ate my chocolatey snack and watched this life altering movie until I fell asleep.

It seems small, this memory. But oh how big it is! Little did I know, a life long tradition was born that cozy winter night.

And to this very day, no matter what month it is, when I eat a chocolate Pop-Tart, I always think of "A Christmas Story".

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