Tuesday, April 16, 2013

David & Susie

I moved in with my Dad just before the start of 4th grade. It was the early eighties and things in my little life were looking up!

Across the street from our house on N. Jackson,  lived a family that included a boy my age and his older sister. Their names were David and Susie.

David and I were in the same grade at school and we became fast friends. We did everything together. We walked to school together every day and even cut through some woods to get there. Something I would never let a child do today! Whether it was  walking to the gas station to play arcade games, playing hide and seek outside until dark or just hanging out in his room upstairs, we had fun together all the time. It was innocent, it was pure and it was really sweet.

The hours we spent in his room included activities such as playing Atari, listening to records or cassette tapes or our favorite thing to do which was use his tape recorder.  We would create movies and record them and have so much fun listening to them afterward. Sometimes we  would push fast forward and record at the same time which would, on playback, make your voice sound just like Alvin and the Chipmunks!

I was also very much intrigued by his older sister. She was older, taller and had the coolest 80's hair! By the time David and I started middle school, Susie was in highschool. I loved to hear her talk about the crushes she had on boys. I loved to watch her curl her hair. She curled every strand on her head. It wasn't quite yet the 80's teased style that was gigantic. It was more like the evolution of Farrah Hair. Meaning she would create ringlets all over her head and not quite comb them out. It was very soft looking and a beautiful brown color.

David and I never really got into trouble together but we did like to try and play tricks on his sister and she did not like it one  bit! One time while over at my house  we put ketchup on my leg and layed a steak knife right next to it. He then called Susie on the phone and in a most frantic voice begged her to come help us! Well, when she got there, we were laughing hysterically.....she was not at all amused.

But times changed. I was after all a growing girl going through puberty and hormones which made me...well, frankly, unpleasant. David was always there for me if I needed him. I see that now. But the older I got, the less I was there for him.

They eventually moved to a different neighborhood and we ended up going to different highschools. I have ran into so many people over the years, but never David. Man I would love to catch up with him and talk about old times. It's not very often that I can look back on the boys in my childhood and realize how respectful they were to me. Most were not. He was.

I did have the wonderful pleasure of finding Susie on facebook a few years back. But sadly, she has since passed away. She was still so very young and vibrant and I don't even know what happened for sure. I just know that there are so many more things I would love to talk to her about. So many more things I would love to reminisce about.

I often wonder if David thinks about our childhood memories. Those years we spent together, being so much in each others lives, are now just a moment in time. Moments that have come and gone. But I will never forget the fun we had. The years that he was my best friend, are some of the happiest memories of my childhood.

Thank you David, wherever you are.

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