Sunday, August 25, 2013

I didn't learn about God in school. Thank God.

I wasn't taught about God in school. I was taught math, science, english, typing, cooking, sewing and physical health and activity. I was also taught how to drive a car, write a check, balance a checkbook, live on a budget and even care for children!

As a highschool graduate from the class of 1992 I feel quite blessed to have gone to school the years that I did. I strongly question peoples motives when I hear them complain about God being taken out of our schools. They say they want God put BACK into school. Well in my experience, God was neither taught in my school, nor taken out. God was in my life no matter where I was.

I learned about God from my family, church (when I went), friends, life, the bible. I am thankful the bible was not taught in my school. Government funded religion? No thank you. Learning about the bible via a government curriculum? No thank you!

I am here to tell you today that I am thankful for the things I learned in school and I am sad that kids today are not being taught how to live. Just live and survive. Just the basics. They are being taught that the only way to survive is go to college. They are being taught that answers are no longer in books in the library, but rather they are on google. They are being taught that money is what will make you survive or succeed and the only way to get money is through education.

I'm sorry I strongly disagree. Stop right there, please before you come unglued. I am not talking about you. I am talking about me. If college was your lot in life, I understand. It was not mine so please don't tell me I am a failure because I did not go to college.

The truth is, the subjects in school that I use the most in my life and always have are the following: Typing. Home Ec. Checkbook Balancing/Budget Making. Cooking. Health Class. Drivers Ed. Phys Ed.

Those are the things that I use daily. Every day of my life.

So, that is what school taught me. Here is what I learned about God from the sources I listed above. God is not gone from anyplace. He is wherever you are. If you say God has been removed from our schools, then please tell me when His word was ever taught in public school. If you then tell me it was back in the earlier centuries, I will then tell you I refuse to believe your ideas about reversing backward in time. We have come  a long way....Thank GOD!  If you say God has been removed from the pledge of allegiance, please tell me exactly what school did that.  Because all the schools in my state still say One Nation Under God.

As bad of a student that I was, the memories of school that I value, cherish, treasure and USE are of my cooking class, my sewing class, my typing class, my home ec class. I wouldn't change a thing. They taught me exactly what I needed to learn. Maybe that is not enough for some students, but it was plenty for me.

You are free to believe whatever you choose. But you will not be allowed to desecrate MY truth. And my truth is that school taught me to take care of myself, even if I didn't have lots of money.
My family and church taught me the word of God and to rely on Him, even if I didn't have lots of money.

I beg you to ask yourself, honestly,  do you really feel the schools are failing because they are not teaching God? Or is it possible they are failing because they are not teaching kids the basic skills of survival?
No need to answer here as you already know how I feel and a differing opinion will not sway me. I am simply putting out a new thought in the world. You may take it or leave it.

God bless.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Inspired by Savannah & Taylor Swift

I awoke this morning to the soft sounds of rain. I looked out my window and where the sun should have been, there were dark storm clouds. Perfect blogging weather!

Opened up my facebook page where I saw the normal uninspiring reposts, complaints, but also some good mornings and cheerful statuses. It's always a mixed bag.
Then I saw some posts from my niece, Samantha. I always perk up when I see what she is up to in the big wide world! (She and her sister are kind of amazing)

She was posting photos of her evening at a Taylor Swift concert she attended with her cousin, Savannah. The photo that brought a tear to my eye, yet a smile to my heart was one of little miss Savannah, teary eyed as Taylor took the stage.

You see, I didn't much care for Taylor Swift when she first hit the scene. That was until a few years ago when I learned that little Savannah liked her music so much. I say little Savannah, when she is actually a young adult, but will always be little Savannah to me. I don't see her often and I'm sure she thinks of me as just another grown  up. But she has a heart of gold and I figured if she loves Taylor, then Taylor must be a good seed.

Taylor Swift has so far been much more sincere, talented and inspiring than many of the people I looked up to when I was growing up. The musicians and actors I adored were always drunk and on drugs! When I became an adult, enter the world of Vh1 and learn all about the turmoil and chaos in their lives, usually created by themselves. When I started learning the private lives of so many of my "role models" I was startled. I really didn't want to know these bad things about the people I admired. It was a rude awakening but of course, a lesson to be learned.

I learned that I need to be careful of who I allow my children to consider role models. I don't find that too difficult actually. I am their role model. Their father is their role model. Their grandparents, etc.

I have taught them that celebrities are never, ever to be their role models, but they are just as important as role models and I'll tell you why.........INSPIRATION. Being inspired to do good things, amazing things, difficult things is so important. They might encourage you to become something really great in life. Something a role model might not inspire you to do.

When I think of my children, my nieces and nephews and sweet Savannah, I hope I am able to be both, role model and inspiration!

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