Monday, August 10, 2015

Solitaire and Coffee

Back before computers were common in the household we had decks of cards. Board games. Books. All kinds of fascinating things! (insert nostalgic giggle)

I only lived with my mom a short time in childhood. My parents divorced when I was 2 and shortly after 3rd grade I moved in with my dad, but I still have vivid memories of living with my mom. 
As you know from my past blogs I had some struggles as a kid dealing with the divorce of my parents. It was hard times, I tell you! But you also know I have grown to focus on the good times.

One of the things I remember clearly is my mom would always wake up early to have her coffee before work. She enjoyed her time alone sipping coffee and reading a book. Sometimes she'd skip the book and play Solitaire. I would wake up and see her sitting at the table in our bright yellow kitchen. She looked so pretty sitting there in her work smock (I still love smocks to this day, probably because they remind me of my mom) with her blue eye shadow and backcombed hairdo. Her long fingernails made her dainty hands look all the more feminine. She was a hard working secretary for a huge corporation back in those days. 

Card games and Yahtzee were big in our family back then. I remember sitting at my grandparents dinner table all hours of the day playing Solitaire. My grandpa looking over my shoulder telling me every time I had a card that would play and me saying in an irritated tone "I know, Grandpa!" As I got older, my grandpa taught all us grand kids how to play Blitz. We'd play for hours and he'd always get mad at us if we didn't help set him up for success! Words make it sound harsh but in reality it was so loving and fun.

A few years ago my home computer was down and I didn't have access to my usual game of digital Solitaire so I sat at my kitchen table and played with a deck of cards. The memories just flushed over me. Such warm feelings of nostalgia for a few moments in time that I will never get back.  Just precious memories now. Oh how I love these precious memories!!

Photo: This is a vintage deck of cards sitting next to the 1970's daisy napkin holder that sat on our kitchen table in my childhood home. I keep it proudly on display, not to show off, but so I can look at it every day and never forget the warm memories of my Mom.

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