Friday, September 11, 2015

Recipe Cards

Today is overcast and damp after a long night of storms. I love a dark rainy morning in late summer, early fall. It makes my coffee taste even better. I'm sure there is no scientific evidence supporting this as fact but it's true for me.

I find myself at the computer today enjoying this dark weather and my extra delicious coffee. Smelling the divine aroma from a Brownie Pecan Pie wax melt and  listening to my "Halloween" playlist on Spotify. I know it's a bit early but it's not just Halloween songs. There are a few on there, but mostly just haunting songs that pair well with this weather. I'm also looking online for good fall recipes that  I can make.

I came across a good one for Pumpkin Swirled Cheesecake. Often I will just print the recipe and put it in my recipe box but every once in a while I will hand write it on one of my blank recipe cards. I keep them handy, right on the shelf with my collection of vintage recipe boxes. 

My love for hand writing recipes goes back a long way. When I was a kid I didn't write recipes, but I did follow them and even make up my own. I found myself engrossed in cookbooks, if they were available. 

I remember as a very young girl I would sit with my mom's Wilton cake decorating books from the 1970's. I would study each page like it was the Christmas issue of a Sears catalog. Now as a grown up, I have several vintage Wilton cake books that still stir my heart when I look through them. 

Highschool in the late 80's is where I truly discovered my passion for writing recipes down. I took cooking and home ec all four years of highschool. Even more than cooking itself, I loved writing the recipes down. I enjoyed it tremendously. I wish I still had the ones I wrote down all those years ago. My favorite was homemade cinnamon rolls. 

After I graduated highschool my love of recipes waned almost completely. I wasn't domestic at all, I was wild! But when I met my husband (to be at that time) it all started coming back to me. I would sit at my desk at work and plan our holiday meals. I swapped recipes with  women I worked with. I very much enjoyed making grocery lists and miraculously my love for handwriting recipes down came rushing back to me. I checked out cookbooks from the library and also started collecting vintage cookbooks. 

When we got engaged in 2002 the ladies at work threw me a bridal shower and gave me what I now know is an absolute gem. They thought very little of it at the time. They had no idea it would stay with me forever and be filled with memories, recipes and love. It was a very basic....recipe box. 
You can't tell by the photo but it is stuffed FULL of recipe cards, magazine and newspaper clippings, etc. I have a section for holiday recipes only, the same ones I make every year. Many of them passed along to me from my own mother and mother in law. Treasures! This is one of my many recipe boxes but it is the first. The one that started my whole collection. Very special to me. 

So now you have it, the reason I still hand write many of the recipes I could so easily just print. The answer is clear, I just love to do it. There is no other explanation. People always say, do what you love, so I am.

Thursday, September 10, 2015

A is for Apple

My friends, I want to talk to you today about apples. With the fall months upon us, there is already talk of pumpkin everything. But I want to take a moment and remember the true star of late summer/early fall and that star is, the apple.

I'm fall crazy. I love it! But I also believe in celebrating each season. There is something magical to be found in every stage of every season. (except late winter, I do not like me some late winter)

In the late 70s, early 80s when I was in elementary school, we used the whole month of September for apples. Learning about apples, counting apples, apple picking, apple crafts, apple everything. I loved the feeling it gave me to learn about apples in conjunction with Autumn.

When we skip apple season and go straight into pumpkin season we are essentially destroying the lost art of anticipation. Anticipation appears to be a forgotten word in today's society. We get everything we want at the stroke of a computer button or drive through coffee place, or bakery. I don't want to tell others how to live, but I do want to tell you how I live and I love anticipation.

I adore September 1st. It reminds me that the hot days of summer are almost over. I get to look forward to cooler months ahead and enjoy apple cider, hoodies, campfires and of course, pumpkin. But September offers it's own rewards. If you take time to slow down life you will find yourself less stressed. Less rushed. Maybe even a little....happier?

Take time to think about the apple and what it represents during this season. To me it represents a lovely time in my childhood. A time of excitement knowing what was to come AFTER apple season. Pumpkins, Halloween, trick-or treat.

You don't have to bake or do crafts to enjoy this time of year. There are small things you can do to enjoy the season. A  brisk walk in a park. Apple scented candles or wax melts. A bowl of colorful apples on the kitchen counter. Best idea yet, reminisce about a time in your own past that reminds you of pleasant Autumn memories.

My hope for you is to anticipate the upcoming Autumn season while enjoying the present. 

Sincerely, Amy

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