Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Strawberry Shortcake 35th Anniversary Doll

I've had an emotional afternoon! I just happened upon the 35th anniversary doll of Strawberry Shortcake which is only my favorite doll/toy/THING of all time!

So when I say it's been an emotional afternoon, I'm not kidding. I shed a lot of tears today. All happy ones. The history I share with Strawberry Shortcake is sweet and fragrant.  I got my first one in the the early 80's when she first came out.

I loved playing with all the dolls and their matching pets. I even loved the Purple Pie Man! I ate the cereal and envied anyone who had more Strawberry Shortcake items than me!

So imagine after all these years of nostalgic longing, I finally get to see her again and yes, SMELL her again! It was emotional, I tell you! Here's how it all went down.......

A few weeks ago I heard they were issuing an anniversary doll that would be identical to the original from 1980. I thought to myself, I'll believe it when I see it. Just a few days later I saw images circulating online so I started calling some local stores. Only one had them but they were out of stock. She assured me there would be more in a few days.

I took my chances today. I walked in with reservations. I was down right nervous! I was anxious to see her again, my old friend. But I was preparing myself for disappointment if she was not there.

The first person I saw was actually a friend of mine. I told her I was on a mission and she wished me luck! I walked to the toy section and asked a clerk to help me find her. (See  how I speak of "her" like she's a real person?!) She wasn't finding anything on her little looker upper gadget. My palms were sweating but I KNEW she was there, I could feel it! The clerk called the manager on her walkie talkie. I  heard the manager in a static sounding voice say "There are 3 dolls on end cap E6"...OH MY GOSH! The clerk was all in at this point, she knew I was desperate and she wanted to help!

We lit up with smiles and power walked to end cap E6 and there she was in all her glory! There were supposed to be 3 dolls but she was the only one! I cried. I literally shed a tear yet tried to contain myself so as to not look like a complete maniac.

The clerk was just as overjoyed as I was. She was happy for me!

I collected myself and held in more tears of joy. Walked to the checkout with her in hand. There was one person ahead of me.

I just stared at her on the checkout counter til it was our turn. When the cashier started ringing her up she looked at me with a huge smile and asked how I was. (I guess she noticed my watery eyes and the perma grin on my face and wondered what I was emotional about)

After I paid, I walked over to the coffee place and ordered a Creme Brulee Latte with an extra shot of espresso. (It came in a red cup, I'm sure you've heard of this as of late) I sat down at a table all by myself with my coffee and new family member and just let the tears flow!

After a few minutes I collected my emotions, gathered my things and started walking toward the exit. Then I kid you not, I hear a voice say my name... "Amy...." I turn around and it's my dear friend, Carrie.

Now, you have no idea the timing of this woman being in this spot, on this day, at this exact moment. It was the timing of God, I have no doubt! Carrie is one of the precious few who truly "get me". She knows what Tupperware, Harvest Gold and Strawberry Shortcake all mean to me.

She starts making a joke about my red cup but I do not laugh, which I think confuses her. Instead I say "Carrie, look in my  bag". While she's looking I crumble.  I totally and utterly bawl tears of joy and say to her "Thank God it's you because I'm bawling in the middle of this store over a doll and nobody in here will understand except you!!"

My new Strawberry Shortcake has filled a spot in my living room, on the bookshelf right next to my other childhood bff......Ramona Quimby

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